Best Car Insurance Companies Online [2020]

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It doesn’t matter which kind of vehicle you currently drive or your destination: it’s absolutely essential you have your own car insurance from an auto insurance company, and not only because it’s law in 48 states. Car insurance policies protect you from bodily injury and property damage liabilities if you have an accident. There are multiple policies which cover damage to your vehicle for multiple reasons (collision insurance), incidents that don’t have underinsured or uninsured drivers, and medical costs and expenses which are incurred via accidents. A few car insurance companies feature coverage which includes roadside assistance or coupled with homeowner’s insurance for those that have houses. Depending on your insurance you choose, you may have limited or full coverage, though most states mandate minimum coverage which includes a form liability insurance.

These are all covered in your typical car insurance quote which most uninsured motorists get, and underinsured drivers. The ownership of comprehensive coverage keeps out-of-pocket costs which are linked with car insurance premiums in full check. Please note that these monthly insurance premiums will not usually cover vehicular wear and tear, vehicle damaged incurred by drivers that isn’t listed on insurance policy or DUIs and engine damage that comes from oil leaks.

It can be overwhelming to look at all the choices here. There are more than 300 car insurance providers within the United States, which range from those which operate nationally, to smaller ones. It’s worth looking into the statewide options that have good reviews within your area before you commit to car insurance rates that have a nationwide insurance company.

Still unsure where to start? We’re here to help! Below we list our top car insurance picks in multiple categories:

The Best Car Insurance Overall – Erie Insurance

Most agree that the top 2 factors for rating the car insurance companies are competitive pricing and claims satisfaction. For those who live in Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Tennessee, or Washington DC, you’ll have full access to top-rated providers for both competitive pricing and claims satisfaction. Erie Insurance fits this bill.

Erie sells through an independent agent network. These agents are an excellent resource for customers because they have full access to more than one insurance carrier. You’re able to get more than one price quote with just one phone call.

The company opened in 1925 and has earned the A.M. Best’s rating of A+, a Superior rating. This financial strength is vital to consider. If insurance companies are financially struggling, they may not be unable to pay the claims if an accident occurs. Insurance companies receive an evaluation based on the U.S.-based ratings agency.

The Runner-Up Best Car Insurance Overall – Nationwide

You likely know the cheesy jingle already, but don’t let it fool you. Nationwide is an outstanding choice for car insurance. They not only have excellent customer service, but they also have a shrinking deductible which allows clients to lower deductibles by a hundred dollars for each year that you don’t have an accident and they get excellent discounts for bundling auto and home insurance.

Nationwide was formed in 1920 and is also a Fortune 100 company. They earned the A.M. Best’s A++ rating, the very highest rating available. The mobile app is straightforward and easy to use, and this is an enormous perk for its customers. You’re able to pay bills, look at insurance cards without having to log in, look at policies and file an auto claim from any location.

Nationwide gives its clients a very wide choice of insurance policies. Auto, home, farm, commercial, pet, and life insurance, which names only a few. Policies can be purchased in 46 of the 50 states.

Best Overall Claims Satisfaction – The Hartford

J.D. Power states that The Hartford is the highest-ranking provider for auto claims satisfaction. A claim that’s promptly and properly taken care of is vital for customers. This outstanding insurance company is one that you’re able to count on when you need it! Hartford has shown over and over that they’ll walk customers through their claims process and their vehicles are repaired quickly and smoothly

The Hartford has been in the industry for more than 2 centuries! They give comprehensive insurance policies for commercial and personal clients. 42 states carry Hartford insurance. They also offer their customers Lifetime Renewability, which means you’re able to keep the policy so long as you pay your bill on time and carry a driver’s license. They offer New Car Replacement coverage too, and you will no longer have to worry about depreciation if loss takes place before your vehicle is fifteen months old and/or hits 15K miles.

One of the most interesting factoids about The Hartford is the fact that they insured Abraham Lincoln’s one and only home.

Best Car Insurance for Competitive Pricing: Geico

Those looking for great pricing usually go to Geico, as they regularly charge the very cheapest insurance option in the US. They often give many discounts for safe and high-quality driving, as well as vehicle safety features. Non-standard drivers also get their own perks and special rates.

Geico is a direct sales insurance company – this means that all their sales are done online. They are a great choice for drivers that are seeking a simple no-frills policy. They skip the middleman and the agent, which saves you money and gives you some savings. For those who are comfortable with insurance and how it works, purchasing online is a great option.

Keep an eye out for discounts no matter which insurance carrier you have. Are you a safe driver that has zero accidents on record? Do you have anti-theft and special safety equipment installed inside your vehicle? Are you a straight-A student and/or willing to put together auto and home policies? All these will likely save money for you in monthly discounts and premiums. Ensure that you sell your situation and yourself well and ask them questions about current discounts when you make your inquiries.

Best Car Insurance for the High-Risk Clients: Bristol West

Bristol West is the nonstandard subsidiary of the Farmers Insurance company, and its insurance products are available everywhere except Hawaii, Alaska, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Vermont. It has one of the best financial strength ratings as well as a good complaint ratio.

For those who have lots of tickets, are very young or old, have low to average credit, have at least 1 sports car, wish to purchase their state’s minimum required coverage amount, or have an out-of-country driver’s license, you might be classified as “nonstandard”/high-risk driver by the  insurance companies. More than 1/3 of drivers today have this classification, and different types of insurance companies classify the nonstandard drivers in a different way. For those who only have 1 or 2 of the above factors, they’ll want to look further into their situation to see if they’re considered to be standard at different insurance companies before spending lots of money for non-standard policies

For those who have lots of violations and need the SR-22, Bristol West comes highly recommended.

Best for the Motorcycle Owners: Progressive

The Progressive Insurance company features excellent standard and regular policies but offer lots of choices for add-ons and upgrades. For the clients considering rideshare work options, Progressive offers rideshare insurance for 21 states. What Progressive truly excels at is Motorcycle Insurance. The prices are quite competitive and will beat many standard policies when other carriers have multi-policy discounts. Policies have accessories coverage that goes up to $3,000, and additional coverage can be purchased as well.

Best for the Farm Owners: Farm Bureau

Do you need an insurance carrier that’s well-known for protecting farms including multi-generational properties, small farms, and all other farm types? Farm Bureau’s got you covered. The ability to insure your home, car, and farm within the same insurance carrier is a great thing when you can take advantage of it.

Farm Bureau satisfies the farmer’s specific liability insurance needs, which are quite unique within the industry. Seventy-five years ago, Farm was founded, and they have an “A” A.M. Best Rating which ranks them as “Excellent” in their financial stance.

Farm Bureau mandates a yearly membership that comes with many benefits. Save your hard-earned money by focusing on products and services within your area. Stay up to date on agriculture. Get access to professional and educational development opportunities.

Five Things to Keep in Mind Before your Sign up

  1. Which coverage does your state mandate you have? Most states require bodily injury liability as well as property damage liability for drivers. You’ll need to check to insurance premium specifics as well, with auto insurance providers in the area you live.
  2. What is the kind of coverage you need? Most car insurance companies order multiple policies which cover many risks and damages; your first step is to analyze your risks and how best to cover them.
  3. What are the best auto insurers? We’ve covered all of these in this article.
  4. Make sure you look around thoroughly. The least expensive insurance company might not be right for your unique situation. You may need more comprehensive plans which make greater sense at a different insurance company.
  5. What is the best payment plan for your needs? Some of the companies give you multiple ways to pay (including monthly versus annually, and/or using the ETF option), so you are able to find out which option is best for you, and sign up for it.